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Spectre Powerboats

Born in 1974, Todd Lamb was introduced immediately into the high speed boating arena. His father Walter Lamb was a native from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and raised on the water, so it was only destiny that his son would follow. With learning to maintain his father’s and family friend’s exotic high speed boats at a very young age. This is where the mostly self-taught Lamb learned everything from motors to fiberglass repair. Walter Lamb was one of the first in the early 80’s to order a new 24’ Skater Pleasure Cat from Pete HLedin at Skater in Douglas Michigan. Pete became a very high influence on Todd’s learning as many trips to the factory in the 80’s and 90’s with tons of phone calls to Pete on help with everything from repairing customer’s boats to his own personal race crafts. Todd attributes a lot of his knowledge and capabilities to Pete HLedin. Todd and his father travelled to boat shoot outs on the East side in the 24 Skater and had a ball. This Skater led the family into a slew of Skater’s over the years. Everything from 21’s with singles and twins, more 24’s, 28’s, 32’s and even a 36 Skater.

  • Location: Bellefontaine, OH

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